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Nowadays, the concept of competitive market is related to the connection of a company’s legal and strategical planning, becoming an essential tool in the contemporary world. Subjects such as Tax Planning, Organizational Planning, Commercial Law, Foreign Trade among others, line up increasingly and, undoubtedly , reveal much more than a trend: a reality.

It is with this focus that Walmir Barroso & Advogados Associados has been consolidating its position as one of the most qualified and respected law firms, in its area of practice. With 26 years, 22 of which exclusively dedicated to Corporate Law, the firm has always aimed at establishing a highly professional team to attend companies in all areas of the law.

Our work methodology is in the broad business view we adopt for the solution of legal and administrative issues. The result arises from the prevention and meeting the specific problem, by means of integrated strategies aimed at solutions, which are reflected in all departments of a company.. This procedure represents, itself, a conceptual and performance evolution, when compared to the conventional legal consulting models.

With a modern structure and with professionals focused on their expertise areas , under the coordination of Dr. Walmir Antônio Barroso, the firm  has offices in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, São Paulo/SP, Vitória/ES and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES. In Europe, it has the support of Dr. Vasco Jorge Valdez Ferreira Matias’ office, in Lisbon.